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Protect-X Hardlink Exchange System is closed now.

Protect-X Hardlink Exchange System is closed now. We recommend our members Link Exchange System. We have partnership agreement with that is new Hardlink Exchange Network. has sites ready for links exchange. More over for great flexibility has two different systems for links exchange - ABCD links exchange system and Links Checker. Both these systems have own benefits.

For more info please visit Link Exchange Network

ABCD links exchange system
  • Progressive ABCD links exchange algorithm
  • Free of charge
  • Fully automated links exchange
  • Manage all the domains on a single account
  • All links verified by our system
  • PR change notification
  • Black list system
  • WordPress Plugin
Links Checker
  • Manual links exchange optimization
  • Any links exchange variants, even total non reciprocal when you give link from site A and receive link to site B
  • Free of charge
  • Automated sites parameters checking daily
  • All links verified by our system automatically daily
  • 100% clean for Google and other search engines
  • Manage all the domains on a single account

ABCD links exchange system benefits
Hard link exchange helps to increase PR and position of the page in the Google, MSN, Yahoo and other SE search results. Everybody knows that adult orientated sites often have no text content that so important for better compliance with search terms. This deficit could be fixed by adding links pointing to your page that all search engines estimate as obvious fact of page value. Adult hard link exchange brings so necessary external links to your site. Every hard link that points to your page needs reciprocal hard link. Nobody wants to give without receiving something back. Most search engine spiders can detect reciprocal hard link exchange and their algorithms do not value high such pages or even can ban such sites in search results (like link farms, banner exchange pages etc.). To avoid this some sites use so called A-B-C hard link exchange. A-B-C hard link exchange means that hard link on your page (A) is pointing to page (B), that, in turn, linking to page (C) where placed hard link to your page (A). Nowadays some search engine spiders can detect A-B-C chains. That's why we created our adult hard links exchange script using A-B-C-D hard link exchange structure. This hard links exchange scheme brings you as much one-way external hard links pointing to your site. Besides, you get a targeted adult hard links, instead of links from pages with thousands of different links (like link farms).
A-B-C-D hard link structure is the most progressive in SEO at this moment.

ABCD link exchange script is fully automatic, so the only thing you need to do is to set the options of the hard link exchange. You need to do it only once. All the work regarding the searching of trade partners that satisfy your options for hard link exchange, creating hard links, managing hard links, checking existence of hard links linking to your site from your partner's sites is performed by the system.

Hardlink benefits:
- PR enlarging
- Increasing of your site backlinks with necessary anchors
- Improvement of your site SERP positions
- Additional niche traffic

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Links exchange system

SplitCam program for video splitting

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