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About Protect-X services

Protect-X is a unique system that allows CJ, TGP, MGP, LL, TOP, Blog owners to control quality of their traffic trades.
There are no similar systems like Protect-X on the Net. That is what all adult traffic traders needed and waited for!
It is, in a sense, quality sign of your traffic and possibility to analyze traders that already exist. A using our system quickly and easily helps you to find a new channels of adult targeted traffic to your site and easily analyze and find cheaters your adult website exchange traffic with. 

Our system allows you to check traffic trades and get reliable information about adult traffic they receive/send. And you don't even need to pay for it. Protect-X system is totally free. Users of our system, to entrust you their traffic need information about your resources. Registration on Protect-X allows you to give all necessary information about your traffic trading sites and traffic quality to other traders. Also your adult website will be added to Protect-X sites Top. You will be able to see detailed traffic statistics in your account area, traffic change graphs (cheaters, clean traders), ALEXA, Protect-X, Google and other ranks. System monitors all adult web traffic and checks it for hits from “bad” countries and IPs. Graphic bar for each of your site will show you the percent of hitbot traffic. Also you can see “bad” countries and IPs traffic statistic for each trader. Red color on the bar shows proxy traffic in appropriate percentage from overall traffic. Placing a script on your page allow us to collect full and reliable information about your adult website traffic.
When other traders see Protect-X button on your site, they are able to estimate quality of your traffic. It will speed up registration process and traffic exchange realization. Protect-X recommends placing our button after or near the webmaster link. It will not mess up visual perception of the page but will give potential traders an additional reason to start a trade with your site.
Analysis of adult site incoming traffic allows to find cheaters. It helps to disable traffic exchange with "bad" traffic traders (cheaters), makes productivity of your trading website better and enlarges your incomes of course.
Unfortunately we can't guaranty that clean trader don’t cheat because, for example, traffic trader that exchanges traffic fairly today, can start to cheat tomorrow. Also we don’t make stamps (this trader is clean and the other one is bad). We only provide cold information, which quality we guarantee on 100%. Protect-X helps you to find cheaters quickly and in maximum exact. 


But Protect-X is not only traffic quality checker (though it is our main task).  Our system is a complex of services for adult webmasters, beginning from checking traffic traders and quality of their traffic ending with already known webmasters board.  


Each day Protect-X System becomes more and more popular among adult webmasters. More and more of new visitors of our site come to get top notch service for free and most of them come back because they already know a place where get quality adult traffic. Protect-X members visit our site each day because our statistics already has helped a lot of adult webmasters to find cheaters and clean their traffic. That is why advertisement on Protect-X site will bring a best webmasters to your resource you could ever get.  


Everybody wants quality productive traffic. Webmasters always look for the best traffic traders finder on the Net. As Protect-X collect traffic traders resources and check them, would be unforgivable mistake to miss an opportunity to search our adult traffic traders database. Find traders service of Protect-X designed for those of our visitors who want to find more trade partners to exchange traffic with. Convenient search tool provides you full functionality in finding traffic traders. All information, you need to make a decision to start a trade, you can find in a search results of our Find traders service. 

Protect-X traders finder allows to find traffic traders by various parameters: type of resource, content, theme of the site or domain name, etc.
For example you are an owner of a site with adult traffic exchange system and you, of course, are interested in “clean” quality adult traffic from other sites with proper content. To find traders you need only to select your criteria in a search form and you will get a list of all traders from our data base, that satisfy your request. 

Every day our traffic traders community are widen by a new members and adult sites. Hence traders list is always enlarged. So, explore it regularly to be on the wave and have the latest traffic traders updates. With the help of Protect-X you can get a full access to large data base of adult traffic traders.


Searching cheaters in your trade or planning to add traffic trader and want to know his traffic quality? Protect-X Check Traders service can help you in a simple way. Just type a domain name and check whether it is listed in Protect-X cheaters database, what traffic quality it is sending at the present moment, whether it is added in Black List by Protect-X members and why. Our cheaters database one of the largest and it is being updated every day by our members. 

Don’t let traffic exchange cheaters pass through your site, make traffic traders check easy with Protect-X Check Traders tool.  


When your traffic is clean you need to find a best affiliate program to convert quality traffic to cash. We are proud to represent you Sponsors service of Protect-X system. All the new and best affiliate programs are listed here. Our adult sponsors directory is carefully gathered and structured by our moderators. All adult affiliate programs and pay sites are reviewed and detailed reports are up to date. Daily updates make our adult affiliates list the largest and the most relevant in the Net. Of course for the convenience of sponsors directory visitors we have made a search tool with large variety of tuning options: type of the program, promo tools, niche of paysites, etc. Find the best convertible affiliate program for your adult traffic. 

Protect-X adult webmasters forum is already known in the business as a place where you can discuss all the newest information, find trade partners, read interesting and useful discussions about traffic trading, SEO, webmaster tools, etc. And, of course, Cheaters forum is always up to date with new exposed cheaters. Don’t miss any of them. 

Protect-X adult webmaster board is visited by many respected and well-known webmasters in adult business, traffic trading scripts and rotators developers, affiliate program owners.  


Protect-X forum is full of topics about how to get adult traffic to your site. If you heard or read some interesting news be sure, it is posted in our forum and being discussed right now. All necessary information to start and support traffic exchange business you can find on Protect-X forum.

Start your day with reviewing Protect-X News summary. Every day you get information about what happened in the world of adult. All the most interesting adult webmaster news, adult industry news, affiliate news, etc. you can find on Protect-X webmaster news feed.  

Be on the wave with Protect-X forum and webmasters news!  


Increasing PR of a site and search engine ranking is not a big deal anymore with Protect-X hard links exchange script. It is fully automatic and based on A-B-C chains. That means you get one-way non-reciprocal links pointing to your site. All search engines estimate one-way links much higher than reciprocal. So you get higher search engine result page position, hence increase traffic to web site. Our hard link exchange script already proved its utility. Many webmasters use it and get reliable results. Protect-X hard link exchange system is well tunable and have several functions to let user to set up script work, such as link keywords, alt tag text, desired site PR to exchange links with. If you are still thinking whether to join Protect-X hard link exchange script, think about more search engine traffic you can get by using our system. Try it and you’ll not regret.  


All Protect-X services are totally free and require simple registration form filling only. With one login and password you’ll get full access to traffic quality check system, hard links exchange script, awm forum, affiliate programs directory, traffic traders finder and traffic traders checker. 

If you have any question, problem with Protect-X services, want to share an experience or decided to suggest a new forum section feel free to contact Protect-X Team. 

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SplitCam program for video splitting

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